Google Translate Makes Signs Instantly Readable

The Google Translate app is very useful.  This free app uses your smartphone camera to translate text instantly in 29 languages. In addition, you can also translate using your voice, by typing in text, or by drawing with your finger. This tip will focus on the camera translation.
Why might you want to use this? It could be useful when working with ESL students or parents, in a foreign language class or when traveling abroad.
Here’s a short animation showing how it works:
Here’s how to use it:

Download **FREE** App

Set Language

Select Language To Translate From
Select Camera Button
Align Text
The Word “Love” Will Be Translated from English to Spanish

Types of Signs: Filled In With Marker
Types of Signs: Printed From Computer

View an Example of the NWOCA staff using Google Translate

Click here!! 

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