Share to Classroom Extension

Did you know that Google Chrome offers extensions to enhance Google Classroom?   An extension called Share to Classroom will allow you to take any website, video, etc and share it to your Google Classroom class with just a couple clicks.

Make sure you are signed into Google Chrome and head out to the Chrome Web Store. Search for the Extension called Share to Classroom and install it.

Mine has a green button with Rate it on it because I already have the extension.

If you are trying to install it, it will have a blue Add to Chrome button.

Once you install this extension, it will appear in your top URL bar.

Now, if you go to a website, youtube video, etc, you can very easily share this with your class using this extension.

If I want to share this article with my class, I can click on the Share to Classroom Extension and (as long as I am signed into Drive/Classroom) it will load up my Classroom classes.

Click on the class you want the article to go to and then decide if you want to push the article to your students, create an assignment, ask a question, or make an announcement.

**To push the article, your students must also have the Share to Classroom extension on their computers. **

Add any extra text, a topic, etc, and then create your post. This will post directly to your Classroom class!

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