Google Calendar – Managing multiple calendars on Mobile

Google Calendar is helping many people organize their digital lives. The web calendar version allows you to see and display multiple calendars in one easy to use interface. 

Don’t want to see a calendar, simply click the checkbox in the sidebar and it is hidden.

Want to add a coworkers calendar to your calendar page? Just type their email in the box at the top of Other Calendars.

So far so good. But when viewing your Google calendars using any of the calendar apps on mobile apps (iOS and Android)  its not quite so simple. The only calendars that show up in your apps are the ones you have write access to (my calendars) the other calendars are not visible… or are they?

To the rescue is a little known setting buried deep in the bowels of the Google help system.
Visit a URL on your mobile device or PC or Mac and you can choose which calendars are visible and which ones are hidden.

Simply click the ones you want to show and save your settings at the bottom.
Make sure to add the link to your bookmarks so you can go back and make future changes without diving deep into the help files again.

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