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As some of you might have heard, Google recently released a new version of Google Sites. It is so slick!  You have the Edit panel that allows you to put all of your items in your site.  Then, you simply drag and drop the items to where you want them on your page.

To create new pages, click on the Pages tab of the edit panel and create your new page. Then, just drag it and drop it wherever you want it in your navigation.

Select a theme to add some color and choose an image for your header background. Google will also automatically adjust your background image and text for readability.

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To get started with the new Google Sites, go to your apps launcher and select Sites, then select the New Google Sites.

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OR, if you are in your Google Drive account, click on the blue new button, then more, then Google Sites.

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**For the full Google Sites manual, click here
**For the full list of instructional videos, click here

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