Quickly make your Google Docs Quiz into a Google Form

Do you have a quiz or a test in a Google Doc, and you want to quickly move it to a Google Form?  You can do this with the Add-on called Doc to Form. 

Open up your quiz or test in gDocs, and select the Add-ons menu. If you don’t already have Doc to Form, go to Get Add-ons and install Doc to Form. Once it is installed, it will appear in your list of Add-ons. (You only need to do this once.) 

Go ahead and start it up by selecting Create Form from Doc. Here, a wizard will appear on the side of your page, and you need to follow the prompts. 

Answer the first three questions by deciding if you want to collect the user names, and if you want questions in your form asking for the student’s name and also the teacher’s name. 

Next, highlight your first question in your google doc, and click on the blue link in the wizard that says Use Selected Text. You will see it appear in the text box below Question 1 in the wizard.  

Select what Type of question you want to ask. 

Copy and paste your answers into the second box. It is very important to follow the directions and separate each answer with a semicolon. This is how Google Forms knows to put each answer on a different line. 

Keep adding your questions so that all of your questions are listed in the wizard. Then Click on the blue Create Form button. 

This will automatically create a Google Form for you, titled the same as your Google Doc. If you added questions asking for the student’s name and the teacher’s name, these will be listed first. 

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