Create Audio Narrations with ViewedIt!

During a recent Google Slides training, teachers mentioned that they miss MS PowerPoint’s “record audio narrations” feature. The following instructions help you accomplish a similar outcome through video. ViewedIt, a Chrome extension, is an easy way to create, share, and track video views.

Do you want to record your device screen or browser tab? Do you want to add narration / music to Google Slides? Or, do you want to create a webcam recording? ViewedIt does all of this with just a few simple clicks.

After video is created, it can be shared via email and social networks. ViewedIt is integrated with Gmail. It will add a thumbnail image of your video in a Gmail message. When you send a ViewedIt video using Gmail, the viewer’s email address is tagged to each view. You will receive notifications stating what percentage of the video was viewed. Videos sent through other types of email or social networking will not be linked to a specific user. You can track these views through the extension feed.

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