This idea comes from working with Kathy Laney at Hicksville. We were looking at how to convert a paper form presentation rubric and came up with the idea of using a google form and submitting a record each time the student does a presentation. The results are tabulated in a spreadsheet 

Here is a link to make a copy of the Form

Once you have the copy of the form in your drive you will need to open it and click on the responses tab and create a new spreadsheet to hold your results. (click the Green icon) 

You will notice that the questions from the form correspond to columns in the spreadsheet. Each question has one answer (a checkbox) with the value X. Checking a box will result in an X in that column in the spreadsheet which makes it easy to see at a glance who has been assessed and what they scored.

To customize you can delete the demo students and add your own by editing the first question.

Intermediate Tip:  You can populate this using a Forms add-in called Form Ranger. It will pull in values from a spreadsheet and populate your dropdown menu automatically. 
Make a new sheet in your results spreadsheet (see above) and add your student names to the spreadsheet. For convenience you can combine the First Name and Last Name using a calculation (concatenation) and when you fire up Form Ranger you can create a dynamic popup menu based on that column in the spreadsheet.

Use the Add-ons menu to add Form Ranger to your spreadsheet.

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