Creating a Shared Folder in Drive

It is helpful to create shared files in Drive so that multiple people can view, comment, and/or edit them. It is even better to create shared folders. The difference between a shared folder versus just a shared file is that you can set the permissions to the folder to be view, comment, or edit and then anything (doc, slide show, sheet, drawing, etc) that you move into that folder will automatically assume those permissions.

To create a folder:Click on the Blue New button and select folder.Next, do a right click (control + click on a mac) and select Share.Choose how you want to share it (view, edit, comment) and type the email addresses or a contact group in the people box.Once this folder is created and shared, anything you drag into that folder will automatically assume those shared permissions. So, if you create a folder with view only rights to your whole first period class, then anything that you drag into that folder will have view only rights for your whole first period class. This saves time because you don’t have to go into each file and change the shared permissions of it.**Remember also that you can create folders inside of folders, so this also helps with organizing your files. **

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